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Ensuring healthcare affordability

Valley Day & Night Clinic aims to make healthcare easy by offering a membership, billed annually and per visit, that covers the majority of your medical needs.


Annual fee

Joining Val-U-Care is easy – all you need to do is pay an annual rate.

50% off

In-house services

Members of Val-U-Care receive half off on all in-house services.
A doctor wearing a stethoscope around her neck smiles at a patient behind a desk.

Why join Val-U-Care?

Val-U-Care takes the stress off of you when it comes to budgeting for your healthcare needs. We remove as many of the question marks of getting medical treatment as possible, giving you the peace of mind that Valley Day & Night Clinic has you covered.

What is included in Val-U-Care

Members of our Val-U-Care program enjoy $65 office visits, in addition to discounted rates on all in-house services. Consent must be given for services rendered – at no time will you be receiving services without knowing your costs.

*Outsourced lab work is billed at cost. Patients are able to approve all expenses before receiving them.