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Is it Healthier to Cook at Home, or Not?


Interestingly enough, in the early 1900s, only 2% of meals were eaten outside the home. By 2010, 50% of meals were eaten outside the home, and even those consumed at home were often on-the-run or in front of the television.

It’s never been easier to feed your family, thanks to fast food restaurants, fast casual restaurants, grocery store-prepared take-home meals and frozen foods, including “short cuts” where you just have to add a few ingredients.  While it’s hard to argue with the convenience, there are some cold hard facts that should make you reconsider eating out.

  • Cooking at home gives you peace of mind that you know exactly what the ingredients are.
  • It’s easier to address food allergies or intolerances with a home-cooked meal.
  • It’s easier to resist temptations and consume foods that may not be good for you, especially if you are diabetic.
  • Restaurants and other commercially prepared foods are usually very high in fat, salt and sugar—three things we need LESS of. It’s easier to gain weight eating restaurant foods.
  • It’s easier to control portion sizes! Many times, portions served in restaurants are “super sized” and way too large, again, potentially leading to weight gain.
  • There are fewer food-borne illnesses when meals are prepared and eaten at home.
  • When you eat at home, your body gets used to eating healthier, which makes it easier to lose weight.
  • It’s actually less expensive to prepare meals at home than to eat out. That gives you more expendable income to do fun things together as a family.
  • Children actually benefit from eating at home. Research shows that children who have regular meals with their parents get better grades, have healthier relationships, are 42% less like to drink alcohol and are 50% less likely to smoke.

Need some healthy recipes?  Check out http://bit.ly/1SWRD5V.

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March 14, 2016 | Healthy Habits
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