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Bring YOUR Meds

There is a mental checklist most people go over before they leave the house. Keys? Check. Identification? Check. Phone? Of course! If you plan on visiting Valley Day and Night Clinic, there’s another must-have to add to your list; your medication.

Your bottles of medication and supplements are small items that give your health care provider information vital to your well-being. This helps prevent dangerous interactions between drugs, supplements, or even common foods.

For example, patients taking Zocor to treat high cholesterol may develop serious muscle-tissue complications when also taking Cordarone to treat abnormal heart rhythms. A patient taking blood-thinning Coumadin may be at risk for excessive bleeding if they’re also taking Vitamin E supplements. A simple scan of their medication and supplement bottles would alert their health care provider to avoid these complications.

It’s important to bring your medication even if you know what medication you’re taking. Your bottles also have information about dosage and schedule your health care provider needs. There’s also the problem of sound-alike medications. Are you taking Orencia for rheumatoid arthritis and Oracia for rosecea? Is your antibiotic Rifater or Rifadin? If your health depends on remembering the difference between Colazal or Clozaril, don’t leave it to chance.

YOUR health is important; call 956-546-1000 or visit one of our  Valley Day and Night Clinic locations to begin the conversation about YOUR medications

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